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Current research development status - starter-based platform

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  • Bio-company specialized in cordyceps-based healthcare and research and development of new natural substances
  • Natural drug development capability / Master’s and doctor’s degree-level professional researchers / profitability evaluation / commercialization capability
  • Cordyceps immunity enhancer / Cordyceps complex extract
  • Atopy, anti-aging, brightening, anti-wrinkle cosmetics / cordycepin, adenosine new drug
  • Research on improvement of cordyceps starter development and mass production
  • Development of IoT smart farm industrialization application system
  • Development of the world’s first cordyceps fermentation material using NANO-TECHNORGY
  • Development of cordyceps-based anticancer material and anticancer drug
  • Development of plant absorption rate promotion technology
  • Development of anticancer drug without resistance
    Develop effective and safe natural drugs without adverse effects (anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Smart farm system that maximizes active ingredients
    Provide safe high value-added natural materials through efficient supply of special crops and unmanned cultivation technologies
  • Development of natural anti-aging products
    Develop functional cosmetics using natural adenosine
  • Development of innovative health food using special processing technologies
    Increased active ingredients through extraction, fermentation and microbial synthesis, raw ingredients and specialized products

Research and development of high-efficacy cordyceps starters and creative urban agriculture using IoT

Bioara Co., Ltd. has laid the foundation for mass production of cordyceps
by researching and developing new starters of cordyceps that are optimized for growth in modern urban facilities. Based on the foundation, we are building an unmanned indoor plantation.

Moreover, the cultivation management system developed by our company is a next-generation system
that combines IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which presenting a new paradigm for the development of urban agriculture in Korea.

  • IoT (Internet of Things) technology

  • Mass production and growth technology

  • Starter Research
    “Ara 301” registered at Korea Seed & Variety Service
  • Urban Agriculture
    Built-in cultivation facilities (Technology commercialization support project)
  • Cultivation System
    IoT Cordyceps cultivation system (urban manufacturing heterogeneous industries convergence cooperation support project)