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A Medicinal Mushroom that Grows with Insects as Nutrients!
Stays in the body of insects during winter Forms grass (mushroom) outside the body of insects

시넨시스 동충하초, 밀리타리스 동충하초, 인삼, 녹용
<Cordyceps is considered the best among Asia’s three major herbal medicines (ginseng, antler and cordyceps)>


Japan - Unsuitable for use due to high radiation pollution level vs. China - Hygiene and safety risks: High heavy metal content vs. Vietnam - low active ingredients

Cordycepin 구조식
Cordycepin is 280 times more expensive than gold (international price comparison)
Gold KRW 690
Cordycepin KRW 186,200
as of April 2020 1,000mg 10mg
Market price of gold KRW 66,515 KRW 665
as of April 2020 10mg 25mg 100mg
Market price of
KRW 186,200 KRW 425,000 KRW 1,285,500

Development of Optimal Processing Seeds

Optimized fermentation seeds secured: Increase in active ingredients by about 21% or above

  • 01

    Securing strain
    Securing strain
  • 02

    Selecting strain
    Excellent strain selection through enzyme activity measurement
  • 03

    Base sequence analysis/identification
    Analysis and identification of base sequences
  • 04

    Strain separation/ strain donation
    Strain separation and donation
    (Biological Resource Center)