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Patent and Technology on Cordyceps Cultivation Method (Installation and System)
01 Cultivation business targeting governmental agencies with the development of control systems using IoT
02 we developed a kind of cordyceps that can be cultured without three major elements (water, soil, and fertilizer) unlike other kinds in which cultivation conditions are demanding.
03 we provide unmanned cultivation environments of temperature, ventilation, and humanity with smart devices using IoT technology.

IoT Technology-based Cordyceps Multi-stage Cultivation Installation and Growth System

  • Apply science in cultivating cordyceps at the smart farm using IoT (Internet of Things) system
  • Create cultivation environments that prevent other pollutants such as heavy metals and bacteria and controls active ingredients
  • Multi-stage cultivation device for new varieties of cordyceps
  • Special crop growth management system and method

Company Value of Smart Farm

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    Convenient operation management : IoT System
    Unmanned system
    Manages remotely in real-time
    Strictly manages cultivation
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    Marketability : High
    Creates high added-value
    Holds smart farm technologies
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    Economic feasibility : High
    Creates consistent cultivation environments using ICT
    Produces high added-value crops