Bioara Co., Ltd., the only agricultural and industrial enterprise in Seoul

bioara logo
  • The only female-owned agricultural and industrial venture company that exports crops cultivated in the unmanned smart farm
  • A cordyceps-specialized company that covers the entire process of starter culture, cultivation, development, commercialization and distribution
  • A R&D company that holds unique strain which can be exported to the global market and special processing technologies that increase the absorption rate
  • Development and commercialization of optimal smart farm system for specialized crops
  • Development of new anticancer drug and cordycepin enhancing technology in progress
Company Name Bioara Co., Ltd Company Philosophy Company that give the gift of health
CEO Kim Hyojeong Field of Business Bio, food
Main Category of Business Starter research, development and cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of cordyceps

Main Fields of Business : Leading the future of the health theme industry

  • Development and manufacturing of premium health food
  • Membership-based branch and irectly-managed cafe
  • Establishment, system management, and distribution
    of high value-added smart farm
  • Development of functional raw ingredients
    and immuno-oncology drug

CEO Greeting

“Bioara, a company that gives the gift of health through excellent cordyceps!”

Bioara, where the gift of health is given, is a company specializing in cordyceps that manufactures, distributes and sells drugs, health functional food and food products
through the research and development of cordyceps that contains the mystery of the four phases of life--birth, aging, sickness and death.

In this centenarian era, our vision is not only to help people live longer lives, but also to present them with health lives.
To this end, we focus on developing a new type of cordyceps with a higher level of active ingredients as well as absorption rate and providing the products differentiated from other companies.
We hope that more people can learn about the marvelous efficacy that cordyceps offers and get liberated themselves from all of their health-related problems with cordyceps.

Loving and cherishing people, we promise to put our utmost efforts to become a company that practices a social contribution
by producing excellent products that will help people stay healthy and have a longer life.

Kim Hyojeong, CEO of Bioara Co., Ltd.