BI(Brand Identity)

Bonchowi’s BI (brand identity) delivers a sense of trust and friendly images by applying a calligraphy which is powerful and heavy but stirs emotions. In the bottom, two types of seals are placed to emphasize the authenticity of the brand.

Bonchowi is a hybrid word of “boncho (本草)” meaning “medicinal herb and medicinal ingredient” and “wi (䘙)” meaning “to keep and protect” and holds the meaning of “to prevent diseases and protects health with Korean medicine and pharmacy.” And as “wi’” also means “above” in Korean, Bonchowi is a “premium cordyceps” brand with the name meaning “more than just medicinal herbs.”

Bonchowi (衛) Story
Bonchowi contains our cordyceps research and development results accumulated over 20 years as well as our processing technologies that raise the level of absorption. We offer reliable health food products that give more people the gift of optimal health with our all-in-one system that is responsible for the entire process from the starter to the finished product and includes cordyceps cultivation at the smart farm, the best scientific technologies, and strict compliance with quality standards.
Cordyceps protects lungs, strengths kidney, stops bleeding, alleviates congestion, and relieves cough.
- Bon-cho-jong-shin (本草從新)
The efficacy of cordyceps has been introduced in Chinese ancient books, Bon-cho-kang-mok (本草綱目) and Bon-cho-jong-shin (本草從新). Bonchowi was born to inherit and develop the efficacy in the modern society by reminiscing the meaning of the ancient book first introduced cordyceps as a medicinal herb. “Bonchowi” only uses our own strain that contains Bioara’s know-how in cultivating cordyceps.